warmly congratulate inner mongolia yonghe fluorine chemical co., ltd. fluorine chemical project overall smooth production, some products tatsu product-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

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warmly congratulate inner mongolia yonghe fluorine chemical co., ltd. fluorine chemical project overall smooth production, some products tatsu product
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       the main products include: r152a, r143a, calcium chloride, ahf hydrofluoric acid and by-product bhf have water hydrofluoric acid, r142a, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, calcium carbide slag, fluorine gypsum, fluorine silicate, 80% waste sulfuric acid, ferrosilicon and so on. 

       inner mongolia yonghe sales hotline: 0474-5217115/0474-5217132

       company profile: inner mongolia yonghe fluorine chemical co., ltd. is located in the wulanchabu city dorbod black sand map industrial park (100 km south from hohhot, 1 hours 10 minutes by car), subordinate subsidiaries have inner mongolia hua sheng fluorite mining co., ltd., inner mongolia hua sheng hydrofluoric acid co., ltd., the existing staff of 410 people. has a group of fluorine chemical field of professionals, with advanced technology, effective management mechanism and scientific management methods. mainly engaged in mining fluorite, fluorite powder processing and hydrofluoric acid, fluorine refrigerant, fluorine paint, fluorine rubber, fluorine resin, such as fluorite industry chain of various products development and production.

       inner mongolia yonghe fluorine chemical project introduction: industrial park covers an area of 430 acres, the construction of the following projects: 40,000 tons/year hfc-152a production equipment, 10,000 tons/year hfc-143a production plant, 50,000 tons/year anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (ahf) production unit, 20,000 tons/year hfc-134a production unit, 8,000 tons/year vinylidene fluoride (vdf), 6,000 tons/year pvdf production plant, 100,000 tons/year calcium chloride production plant, 20,000 tons/year tfe,1.0 million tons/year ptfe,0.8 million tons/year hfp production unit, 4,000 tons/year hfc-227 device. at present, from acetylene to hfc-143a this product chain and from hcfc-22 to hfc-227 the product chain of all the equipment and public works of plant construction. nemong and project total investment of 2.26 billion yuan, annual output of 222,000 tons of fluorine chemical series downstream product projects, all reached the year after year to achieve output value 6.5 billion, tax 389 million.

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热烈祝贺内蒙古永和氟化工有限公司氟化工项目整体顺利投产,部分产品达产!主要产品包括:r152a、 r143a、 氯化钙、 ahf无水氢氟酸 及副产品 bhf有水氢氟酸、 r142a 、盐酸、次氯酸钠、电石渣、 氟石膏、 氟硅酸、80%废硫酸、 硅铁等。



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