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the competitive of ac industry that pulls demand of refrigerant
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      the market data show that 2017 china's air conditioning market volume and retail sales reached 57.87 million units and 198.7 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth rate of 27.4% and 32.4% respectively, the production and sales scale have hit a record high. 2017 air conditioning industry demand growth is obvious.

      since entering the 2018, due to the rise of raw materials, the real estate market and many other adverse conditions of the emergence of the air conditioning enterprises to further reduce the profit margins, and the excessive release of market consumption, the air-conditioning market growth began to decline.
      the latest data from the bureau of statistics show that may 2018 air-conditioning output of 21.344 million units, an increase of 18.4% per cent, and may 2017 air-conditioning production of 18.706 million units, an increase of 24.6%, compared to 2017, production growth slowed. as temperatures rise, consumer upgrades are raging.

       for the current prosperous air conditioner industry, want the first time the hot summer market, is bound to go out of their own unique road. march-june is china's air-conditioning industry production peak, 6-8 months will usher in demand peak season, its sales will occupy more than half of the year. the annual 618 promotion will open line under the "no world carnival", become the first step of air conditioning industry to seize market share. industry said that 6,181 to be home appliances, in the field occupies a dominant position in the jingdong home appliances, is the industry performance barometer.
       june 1 0 o'clock just over, jingdong home appliances surrendered 618 opened after the first report card, air-conditioning category breakthrough 100 million yuan mark only 37 seconds. however, promotions and temperature only affect short-term air-conditioning sales, in the long run, the air-conditioning industry is still the consumer demand as a constraint. with the upgrading of china's rural consumption, overseas product exports, air-conditioning industry sales will gradually increase, in the process of air-conditioning prices will increase with the consumption upgrade gradually, so air-conditioning enterprises to upgrade the competitive mode, will be technological innovation, user-oriented market competition to product return.

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